At the Boys & Girls Club of Westminster we want every child to become
whatever they dream to achieve. G.R.I.P. is one of these programs  program
designed to help students reach their potential. It is designed to bring
G.R.I.P. members, parents, and the Boys & Girls Club Staff together with a
common goal. This goal is to give the youth participating  the tools that
will enable them to improve academic, social and career outcomes, as well as
behavioral and personal development. GRIP members meet as a group once a
week at 6 different sites, and also receive a free membership to the Boys &
Girls Club of Westminster Main Branch. They are given this membership and
encouraged to participate in other activities that will stimulate their
future growth.

What exactly is mentoring?
It is a structured and trusting relationship between a young person and a caring adult who offers guidance, support and encouragement to develop the competence and character of a child. Becoming a Boys & Girls Club mentor requires a one-year commitment to the program. It may only be one hour a week, but that one hour leaves a lasting impression on a young person’s life.